T H I N G S  T O  D O

There are so many wonderful things to do and see in and around Gerringong.

Here are just a few things that we love doing:

K I A M A  2 2 KM 

C O A S T A L  W A L K

7  M I L E 

B E A C H  G E R R O A

  G E R R I N G O N G 

G O L F  C O U R S E

B O A T  H A R B O U R

R O C K  P O O L S

S U R F  L E S S O N S 

A T  7  M I L E  B E A C H

A W A R D  W I N N I N G 

L O C A L  W I N E R I E S


M I N N A M U R R A 



Shop at the markets at Gerringong, Berry and Kiama

Visit the beautiful town of Berry

Enjoy lunch, a coffee or a snack at the local cafes and restaurants

Master the Illawarra Fly

Discover the countless fishing spots around the local area

Visit Shoalhaven Zoo, Nowra

Visit the Tree Park, North Nowra for non-stop adventure



Enjoy a feast from the famous “Werri Beach Fish Shop”, just metres up the road, grab an early morning coffee at "Frosty's Take Away and Café" or enjoy a Chinese or bistro-style meal

at the Gerringong Bowling and Recreation Club.

All three of these amenities are just minutes walk

from Werri Wish Beach House

There is also a local fruit and vegetable shop

about 2 minutes walk from Werri Wish Beach House.

The friendly service and excellent produce quality should not be overlooked when stocking up during your stay.


The Mecure Gerringong is only 800m up the road on Fern St.

Bella Char restaurant and Wine Bar

offers casual or classic dining, inside or out.

You can also pamper yourself with choices from the vast menu

at the Bella Spa.

W A N T  M O R E ?

C L O S E  T O  H O M E